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A tree under the tree, for Christmas let's give ourselves the future
A tree under the tree. It may seem like a simple wordplay but it is actually an idea for an original gift, helpful to the environment, 
for the now imminent Christmas.


Giving plants as a gift is becoming a more and more usual and widespread gesture, aimed to offer to relatives, friends or 
strangers a living being, meant to last but also to help reduce CO2 emissions to air.
Donation and planting of trees are increasingly carried on by companies. For example, shortly before the imminent holidays, 
Financo Group has been in the news by giving all the employees of the company’s Italian sites a tree to plant, in order to make a 
small gesture together, in favor of the planet. Each employee can choose his/her own tree among different types and, if he/she
 doesn’t have a suitable space to plant it, he/she can count on the help of all the colleagues.


Among the Group's employees, there are also the staff members of Misano World Circuit, the famous racetrack in Rimini named 
after Marco Simoncelli. Together they decided that the trees the company will donate to them will be planted in the circuit.
 This is also a way to accompany the just started pits extension work and under the banner of environmental sustainability.
"PiantiAMO gli alberi" is an initiative of Financo Group, which accompanies the company's continuous investments in forest 
repopulation, for its Italian mining areas. Every year the company invests on average 700,000 euros, returns 50,000 square meters 
of space to the environment and places in the ground around 10,000 native plants.
For those wishing to put a tree under the Christmas tree, we suggest some useful links, not only to do good for the environment
but also to help local people:







VEG-GAP Project - LIFE18 PRE IT 003
Duration: December 2018 - December 2021
Total Budget: 1,666,667 Euro
European Financial Contribution: 1,000,000 Euro
Coordinated by Mihaela Mircea, ENEA (IT)