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Emilia-Romagna green, 180 thousand trees already distributed for free

More than 180 thousand trees have been already distributed, or already booked, for free to 14 thousand beneficiaries. This is the balance, positive beyond all expectation, of the first forty days of the campaign “Mettiamo radici per il futuro” launched by Emilia-Romagna Region.

The aim is very ambitious and well highlighted from the slogan of the project, started in early October: “Let’s plant a tree for every citizen of Emilia-Romagna”. Maple, apple tree, poplar, birch, mulberry, hazelnut tree, alder: these are the main types of plants that are therefore finding a ‘house’ in parks, gardens and in the green areas of the entire regional territory.

The Region intends to freely assign overall 4,5 million of tree species in the next four years. The report on the whole territory of Emilia Romagna, updated to the first week of November, talks about over 130,000 delivered plants and approximately 14,000 beneficiaries, 13,500 of which are citizens, 153 are organisations, 287 are public authorities, and more than 50,000 plants are booked by local authorities. This is a distribution equal to 36% of the plants’ value, made available by the announcement, corresponding to a regional investment of about 400 thousand euros.

“The launch of the initiative has registered a great success, even higher than expected – as Irene Priolo, Regional Councillor for environment, says -. Despite the criticalities related to the health situation, the community of Emilia-Romagna has demonstrated to get the value of this challenge and many have mobilized to make our Region the very green corridor of Italy”.

Citizens, local authorities, schools, organisations of Emilia Romagna – and also companies, in agreement with their own Municipality – can go to the 21 accredited nurseries to pick up their own tree for free.

All the information about the campaign are available on the website
VEG-GAP Project - LIFE18 PRE IT 003
Duration: December 2018 - May 2022
Total Budget: 1,666,667 Euro
European Financial Contribution: 1,000,000 Euro
Coordinated by Mihaela Mircea, ENEA (IT)