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The VEG-GAP Project organises its 2nd Workshop in Bologna: Methods and tools to analyse the impact of vegetation on urban air temperature and quality (Tuesday, May 4th - 10.00/12.00 AM CET)

The sustainable development of the cities aims to increase the green areas since the vegetation addresses diverse urban challenges such as air quality, climate, human health, etc.. Therefore, EU LIFE project VEG GAP is developing new methodologies and tools for analyzing the air quality of our cities and, thus, supporting the air quality management and urban planning . The information platform developed in the project provides useful information on linkages between vegetation, temperature, and air pollution and can be used in the development of effective control strategies to maintain and improve air quality in European cities. The project partners will show the new tools developed and the current local understanding on vegetation effects for the pilot cities: Bologna, Madrid and Milano. In the second Workshop organised in Bologna by the EU LIFE VEG GAP project, after receiving information about the project and its platform, the audience will be invited to interact with the speakers and provide input for the improvement of the platform.


Mihaela Mircea (ENEA), Contesto operativo per valutare i molteplici legami tra vegetazione e aria nelle città [Mircea_ENEA1]

- Mihaela Mircea (ENEA), Gli impatti della vegetazione sulla qualità dell’aria [Mircea_ENEA2]

- Giuseppe Cremona, Beatrice Sorrentino (ENEA), Bologna: scenario del verde attuale e futuro [Cremona_Sorrentino_ENEA]

- Felicita Russo (ENEA), Gli impatti della vegetazione sulla meteorologia - parametrizzazioni [Russo_ENEA]

- Massimo D'Isidoro (ENEA), Gli impatti della vegetazione sulla meteorologia [Disidoro_ENEA]

- Sandro Finardi, Nicola Pepe, Camillo Silibello (ARIANET), La vegetazione urbana attuale e futura [Finardi_Pepe_Silibello_ARIANET1]

- Sandro Finardi, Nicola Pepe, Camillo Silibello (ARIANET), Gli impatti della vegetazione sulla qualità dell’aria: emissioni biogeniche [Finardi_Pepe_Silibello_ARIANET2]

- Stefania Pasetti, Simone Mantovani (MEEO S.r.l.), La Piattaforma Veg-Gap: caratteristiche e requisiti per l’adozione [Pasetti_Mantovani_MEEO]
VEG-GAP Project - LIFE18 PRE IT 003
Duration: December 2018 - May 2022
Total Budget: 1,666,667 Euro
European Financial Contribution: 1,000,000 Euro
Coordinated by Mihaela Mircea, ENEA (IT)